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Why is the image of my device too dark or too bright?


The image of my device is too dark or too bright, what can I do?



If your product is used as an external playback device (e.g. monitor), you can set the desired brightness using the adjustment buttons on the playback device.

For Windows devices (PCs and Notebooks), you can adjust the desired brightness using the display settings. You can open the settings menu by clicking with the right mouse button on the desktop.

For Android devices (smartphones and tablets), you can set the customization under Settings in the Display menu item. A precise error determination for your device is provided by our diagnostic app.

For TV sets, you can adjust the brightness in the TV settings. You will find suitable instructions for this in the manual of your product. Depending on the viewing angle, color changes may be noticeable. Try a different position in front of the screen or change the tilt angle of the device.


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