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What do I do if I have a swollen battery on my unit?


What do I do if the casing of my device becomes deformed / inflated?



The deformation of the device is probably due to an inflated battery pack.

In most cases, an inflated battery pack does not pose a direct safety risk because the inflation is the result of gas formation in the rechargeable - / battery and serves to relieve the pressure. In some rare cases, however, a fatigue swelling can lead to dangerous conditions or even a fire risk.


MEDION therefore recommends that the following be observed for all inflated batteries:

  • Do not operate the device any more!
  • Do not charge the device any more! ( rechargeable battery)
  • Store the appliance in the shade outside enclosed areas as far as possible until it is disposed of.


Due to the defective battery and the resulting fire risk, transport of dangerous goods is necessary. The situation is not directly dangerous at the moment, but any mishandling poses risks.


To prevent further damage, proceed as follows if the battery is inflated:


  • Batteries contain electrolytes. These may leak out. To avoid contamination, please store the device in a liquid-tight plastic bag.
  • Do not apply pressure to the battery, drop it or damage it.
  • Do not expose the battery to high temperatures and do not install or remove batteries and battery cells.
  • Inflated batteries can be disposed of at an approved recycling centre.
  • Please contact the Service Portal and send detailed pictures to assess the battery damage.

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