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My notebook keyboard writes some characters twice, what can I do?


Unfortunately, your notebook model is affected by a software problem in the processing of keyboard strokes. The error manifests itself in the fact that every 10 - 20 keystrokes registered characters are passed on twice or appear as "doubled" letters in the text.



The reason for this is a necessary Microsoft security update for Windows 10, which should not be uninstalled, in connection with the Intel® HID event driver version: There is no hardware fault on your notebook, so it is not necessary to send it in for repair.



In the current situation, the error can be reliably remedied by:

  • Downgrading the Intel® HID event driver to version
  • and upgrading the Hinge Angle Service to version

This link is available for the installation of these drivers:


Windows 10
After unpacking the download, run the file C:\Medion\CNB-Workaround\DRV_Update.cmd.


Windows 11

After unpacking the download, run the file C:\Medion\CNB-Workaround\DRV_Update.cmd.

Now open the Device Manager and select the entry Intel(R)HID Event Filter under the branch Human Interface Devices.

Right-click on it and select Update Driver from the context menu.
Search for driver software on the computer
Select from a list of available drivers on my computer.
Under Show Compatible Hardware, select Intel(R)... Version and click Next.

Windows will now install the driver.


Windows S-Mode

Since a number of the affected notebooks were delivered in Windows S-Mode, it is possible that customers are still using S-Mode. In this case, the workaround from the download cannot be used without further ado; the following additional steps must be carried out:

After downloading and unpacking, the Windows settings are called up.


  • Update and Security / Recovery/ Advanced startup (Restart now)
  • Troubleshoot / Advanced options / Startup Settings (Restart)
  • During the restart, select the item 7) Disable force driver signature in the selection of start-up settings.

Now the CMD file can be executed after booting.
After the normal restart, Windows S-Mode is active again.

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