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Why does the device not have an HDMI signal?


Why does the device not have an HDMI signal?



Check the following points:

  • Make sure the cable is connected correctly and the connections are seated properly.
  • HDMI transmission errors can also be caused by damaged cables. To be sure that a working cable is being used, it is advisable to use a different cable or to test this cable on another device.
  • A loose contact on the cable or the connection will cause interference. Therefore, move the cable carefully back and forth and check whether an image appears.
  • The HDMI port on the unit may also be defective. Therefore, check whether the HDMI cable works on another device.
  • To get a picture on the TV, the correct input source must be selected. You can usually select this on the remote control with Source.
  • High-resolution signals, such as a 4K signal, must be transmitted with an HDMI cable of standard 2.0 or higher. No signals are transmitted with cables of a lower standard. You can find further functions for the individual HDMI versions here.


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