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FAQs about the MEDION Iconic Arcade Machine

FAQs about the MEDION Iconic Arcade Machine

  • How do I set up the Iconic Arcade Machine?

    • Start of the installation

    • Before starting for the first time, insert the USB stick in the USB-Port at the front. Also insert the SD card at the back in the card reader. The device is turned on with the switch at the top left under the cover. The following two images appear.


          Start1.png Start2.jpg
    • Country selection

    • After starting, the country and language must first be set. First press the A button and use the joystick to navigate to the desired country, then press A to confirm.


    • Language selection

    • Press the Y button and use the joystick to navigate to the desired language, then press A to confirm.


    • Network setup

    • After the language selection the Wireless button is then active at the bottom of the screen. Use the joystick to move one to the right to Wireless and confirm with the A button.


      It automatically scans for available networks.


        network2.jpg network3.jpg
      Select the desired network with the joystick and confirm with A. Then enter the network password. This is done using the joystick (up / down) to scroll through the individual characters (lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, special characters).
      ⚠️Note⚠️ The screenshot shows Wired connection at the bottom right as this device was connected via LAN cable. After a successful WLAN connection, the network name is displayed there.
  • How do I carry out hardware tests on the Iconic Arcade Machine?

  • The Test button can be used to test the function of the device hardware Use the joystick to navigate to Test and select with the A button.
    • Joystick test (left / right)

    • The tests are started by pressing the A button. Instructions for moving the joystick appear


    • Display test

    • Start the test with the A button.


      Different colors are shown on the display. If everything is okay, confirm with R.
    • Sound test

    • Start the test with the A button. Sound will played over the speaker.


      If you hear sound, press R to confirm.
    • Test Storage Card

    • Press A to start the test to see whether the memory card is available and usable.


      Exit the test area with B.
  • How do I select the distribution of the Iconic Arcade Machine?

  • Navigate to Install and press A. The joystick can now be used to navigate through the various distributions (Batocera, Recalbox, Retro Pie, Lakka, Rasberry Pi OS).
    You can find more information about adding games here: Raspberry's free retro gaming magazine
    Select Batocera and press A to confirm. Confirm with R that the SD card is deleted and the download of the distribution begins.


    ⚠️Note⚠️ If the distribution has already been downloaded before, it is stored on the USB stick and is installed from there directly onto the SD card. After downloading the image will be verifying. The installation starts automatically. If successful, you will be prompted to restart the system. Press B to close the message.
  • How do I finish setting up the Iconic Arcade Machine?

  • Navigate to Exit and press A to confirm.
    ⚠️Note⚠️ If you select Exit and press Y you will open the desktop from Rasperry Pi OS. For the desktop you will need mouse and keyboard.


      Exit1.jpg Exit2.jpg
  • When downloading a distribution I get the error message "Verification failed" ?

  • The downloaded image cannot be verified correctly. This occours if the Arcade is offline or the network connection is unstable. Sometimes the download server are busy. Please try again later.


  • How do I start a distribution?

  • After installation shut down device and remove the USB-Stick. Turn it on and Batocera, or an other distribution, will start.
  • Which emulators are available for the Iconic Arcade Machine?

  • With the Iconic Arcade machine, you can choose between the following four emulators to play games, with the Batocera version pre-installed:
    • Batocera
    • Recalbox
    • Retro Pie
    • Lakka
  • Which games are available for Iconic Arcade?

  • Only the Batocera and RecalBox distributions include a few free games. If you want games for other systems (Atari, Sega, Amiga, eg.) you need to buy compatible ROM files via onlinestores (eg. Steam, Gog, HumbleBundle) or downloading free games from developer directly.
  • How do I add games on Iconic Arcade with Samba?

  • How you can add games with Samba is explained in this video tutorial.
  • Which game ROMs can I add (Batocera)?

  • On the storage card in Share / ROM you will find several folder for all the compatible systems. Put the ROM files in the correct folder. A USB keyboard and a mouse (recommended: use of a USB hub) must be connected for the installation of game ROMs. After a reboot the games will be available in the Batocera menu.
  • How can I add games as favourites? (Batocera)

  • In Batocera, hold down B for a long time before starting the game. A menu will open in which you can add the selected game to your favourites.
    You can find detailed information about it in this video.
  • How large can the SD memory card be?

  • If the Rasberry Pi OS distribution is installed, a maximum size of 64 GB is possible. No restrictions are known for other variants.
  • How much RAM does the Iconic Arcade have?

  • The device is advertised and sold with one gigabyte of RAM.
  • What is the basic operation of the device?

  • Use the buttons according to the display, or navigate using the joysticks.
    1. Joystick - up, down, left, right
    2. Button A - Confirm
    3. Button B - Back
    4. Start + Select - Leave game, back in Batocera
    5. Press and hold Start - Batocera configuration menu
    6. Button Y - not always occupied
  • What special features need to be considered with a high-resolution display (e.g. 4K)?

  • If an app does not start on a high-resolution display or does not start in full screen mode, selecting a lower resolution can help. Use the mouse or keyboard to select the application window if it is not operable.
  • What special features need to be considered in a wireless network environment (Wi-Fi)?

  • If problems occur in a wireless network environment, it may help to restart the device. It may also help to work in a password-protected network, as these networks are better supported by the system or to operate the Iconic Arcade Machine with the help of a network cable (already connected before the boot process) if possible.
  • How can I transfer files over the network?

  • To be able to transfer files via the network, first open the path via the file browser: ➡️ Network ➡️ BATOCERA ➡️ share ➡️ roms. Then open a subfolder (e.g. atari2600, amiga 500, megadrive) and place the rom files there.
  • Is it possible to play a Nintendo 64 emulator?

  • The Nintendo 64 console can be emulated, but 100% lag-free playback is not guaranteed.
  • Is a fan built into the Raspberry pi4 b?

  • A fan is installed on the Rasperry Pi. This is not absolutely necessary in normal operation, but under extreme conditions (very warm environment) it prevents the system from clocking down.
  • What are the technical dimensions of the device?

  • It measures 56 x 50 x 158 cm (width x depth x height) and weighs around 31 kg.
  • How do I create my own installation USB stick?

  • If the installation does not start from the USB stick, you can create a new stick yourself:
    1. Download Balena Etcher for the operating system.
    2. Download the image file for the USB stick iconicarcade-usb-setup-stick-1.0.img.gz.
    3. Open Balena Etcher.
    4. Click on Flash from file and select the image file.
    5. Click on Select Target and select the USB stick.
    6. Start the write process with Flash!.

    Balena Etcher will inform you when the process has been successfully completed. Then remove the USB stick, insert it into one of the Iconic Arcade's USB ports and start the device.

  • Is there a website with support information?

  • There is an english-language page at the address
  • Is there any further information on the individual distributions?

  • You can find more information about the distributions here:
    1. Batocera:
    2. Recalbox:
    3. Retro Pie:
    4. Lakka:
  • Are there any video tutorials for the Iconic Arcade machine?

  • Here you can find helpful english videos about the Iconic Arcade machine:
    1. Software Setup
    2. Wifi Tutorial
    3. Batocera Button Tutorial
    4. How to download extra games with Batocera?
    5. How to build up your machine's cabinet?
    6. How to add games with Samba?
    7. How to add games to your Iconic Arcade in Batocera?

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