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Why is the touchpad of my laptop without function?


Why is the touchpad of my laptop without function?




  • The touchpad of a laptop, which is used to move and control the Cursor, may be disabled. Activate the touchpad via the corresponding key combination with FN + corresponding key. You can find the correct key in the manual of your device. Alternatively, you can find a corresponding symbol on one of the Function keys of your notebook keyboard.
  • The driver of your touchpad may have been damaged by an update or a faulty installation. Here you can learn everything about device drivers under Windows.
  • A test can determine whether the error is software-related or hardware-related. Test the hardware with alternative software. Temporarily boot a fresh Windows, Linux, or Unix from a USB flash drive to cross-test the operation of the touchpad on a different operating system.
  • Loading the delivery state can also solve the error.

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