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My ERAZER Engineer P10 / X10 freezes sporadically, what can I do?


My ERAZER Engineer P10 / X10 freezes sporadically, what can I do?



A BIOS and EC update to version 560H6W0X.027 is available for your PC, which fixes the error. Running the update optimizes the overall system stability.


⚠️ Note! Please make sure that you have closed all programs (especially applications that are active in the background) before executing the update process.
Never switch off the PC during a BIOS update!


Procedure for installing version 560H6W0X.027


This update is performed in two steps:

  1. BIOS-Update
  2. EC-Update


  1. BIOS-Update

    1. First close all running programs.
    2. Download the file
    3. Unzip the downloaded file into any directory on your hard disk / SSD.
       Important: Please do not double-click the file, but unzip, it first, otherwise error messages may occur during the update process.
      💡 Tip: You can save yourself work later by choosing a short path, for example C:\bios.
    4. Open a command prompt with administrator privileges. To do this, press the Windows key on your keyboard and type cmd. In the hit list, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
    5. In order to execute the update, change with the command cd (stands for Change Directory) into the file path with the unpacked files, there into the folder Update\1_BIOS.
      There are two possibilities for this:
      1. Type cd c:\bios\update\1_bios and confirm with Enter (or the folder if you named it differently).
      2. Open the selected folder in Windows Explorer, click in the address bar at the top and copy the path to the clipboard. Then you can paste it after typing cd (and a space!).
    6. In this way, make sure that you are in the 1_BIOS folder before running the update.
    7. Now type the command WFH.bat to start the BIOS update and confirm Enter.
    8. After the check, start the actual update in the BIOS, by pressing any key.
    9. In the BIOS, use the arrow ↓ key to select Proceed with flash update, press Enter and thus start the update.
    10. After the update process is finished, exit the BIOS by pressing any key and start the Windows operating system.

  2. EC-Update

  1. In the Windows environment, start the command prompt again with the CMD command, as already described above in points 4. and 5.
    Type cd c:\bios\update\2_ec and confirm with Enter.
  2. Again, make sure you are in the 2_EC.
  3. To start the EC-Update, type the command Flash.bat and confirm with Enter.
  4. Confirm the following security message with Yes.
  5. When the EC update is complete, shut down the PC.
    Important: Please disconnect the PC completely from the power supply by pulling the mains plug for at least 3 minutes, as the changes made by the EC update will only take full effect then.
  6. The BIOS and EC updates are now complete.


⚠️ Important: MEDION AG accepts no liability whatsoever for any data loss or hardware or software errors that occur as a result of the update. The customer acknowledges this when performing the update.


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