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Why are the fans on my graphics card making loud noises?


  • loud fan noises
  • high-frequency sounds
  • higher rotational speed


  1. Dusty fans or electrical parts / cables touching fans
  2. Background processes put a strain on hardware
  3. Incorrect overclocking of the graphics card or case fans
  4. Frame / Refresh rate higher than necessary



  1. Check the fans of the case and your graphics card and clean them if necessary.
    Perform a visual inspection inside the enclosure for cables that touch the fan.

  2. Identify and stop background task in Task Manager.
    Check the Task Manager for increased consumption by various software and terminate them if necessary and possible.
    ⚠️ Do not terminate any system-relevant processes.

  3. Reset and reconfigure fan settings.
    Uninstall and reinstall the graphics driver.
    Perform a clean reinstall to reset all settings to default.

  4. Adjust the refresh rate of your screen to the FPS of the graphics card.
    You can open the NVIDIA Control Panel by right-clicking on the desktop background.

Please note: Increased load causes increased fan noises

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