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My computer asks for a BitLocker key, where can I find it?


My computer asks for a BitLocker key, where can I find it?



If your notebook asks for the BitLocker key, you can read it from your Microsoft account with another Internet-enabled device and enter it to decrypt the affected device.


Open this link and log in with your Microsoft account. Click on the device in question in the device overview and then on Manage recovery keys under BitLocker data protection. Now follow the on-screen instructions.



On current notebooks that support Modern Standby, Windows automatically enables BitLocker encryption whenever a Microsoft account is used during initial setup. This also affects notebooks with Windows 10 or Windows 11 Home Edition on which BitLocker cannot be activated manually.


With this automatic activation of BitLocker by Windows, the 25-digit recovery key is stored in the Microsoft account under Devices and there under the device currently in use.


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