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FAQs on handling MEDION TV sets and VIDAA

FAQs on handling MEDION TV sets and VIDAA

You can find more information about VIDAA here:

  • How do I set up my VIDAA account / VIDAA VOICE when I first switch the TV on?

  • When you switch on your MEDION TV set for the first time, you are taken directly to the installation mode. In the menu item Set up VIDAA account you can connect the TV to an existing VIDAA account.


    In the menu item Select voice control you can select VIDAA VOICE as voice control if you have set up your VIDAA account.


    ⚠️Note⚠️ Setting up a VIDAA account is required for VIDAA VOICE voice control.
  • How can I log in to the VIDAA account / create a new account with an existing initial installation?

  • The Home menu shows all pre-installed apps and the apps you have installed. A bar with various options is displayed at the top of the screen. One of these options is called Register VIDAA Account . Here you can register an existing VIDAA account or create a new account.
  • How can I select VIDAA Voice as voice control for an existing initial installation?

  • Also from the Home menu at the top of the screen, select Set up voice assistant and press OK on the remote control. Now select VIDAA Voice and follow the instructions on the screen. When using the AMAZON ALEXA voice assistant, you also have the option of controlling the YouTube app with VIDAA VOICE , as ALEXA is not YouTube-compatible. To do this, activate the function CONTROL YOUTUBE APP WITH VIDAA VOICE under Settings .


    ⚠️Note⚠️ Setting up a VIDAA account is required for VIDAA VOICE voice control.
  • How can I connect the VIDAA Voice remote control to the TV via Bluetooth?

  • To use the Voice Control function of the remote control, it must be paired with the TV via Bluetooth. To do this, open the Device Management, then press and hold the Menu button on your remote control until your TV lists Smart TV Remote in the device list and the message Successfully paired! appears.


    ⚠️Note⚠️ To use the VIDAA Voice function, an Internet connection and a VIDAA account are required.

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