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My PC or notebook is unusually loud, what can I do?


What can I do against the increasing noise of my computer?



Increasing running volume is usually a result of the systems fans running faster. The cause can be due to continuous and increased background processes running or dusty cooling fans.

First check if any unused programs can be closed to reduce computational power. You can get an overview of the programs that are running in the Taskmanager. Just press the Windows key and x at the same time. You can then open the task manager from the menu, right click on the programs you are not currently using and click “End Task“.

Are the fans free from dust?
Fans dissipate the waste heat from the CPU, graphics card, RAM and mass storage. If this is no longer sufficient the system will increase the fan speed to compensate and the noise level will then also increase. A PC can be opened quite easily, the fans can then be cleaned with compressed air to clean the fans. First power off your PC and remove the mains power then use the compressed air to clean the fans. WARNING! Do not open the power supply!
Opening a notebook is not as easy and often requires special tools. Therefore, a specialized repair shop may be the better choice.

Does your device get enough fresh air?
Make sure that your computer can always draw enough air for cooling. For PCs make sure none of the cooling vents at the side and rear of the PC is blocked or has reduced airflow. Notebooks are often used on the sofa or in bed, but this blocks the air supply on the bottom and can also contribute to excessive heating.


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