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What can I do against unusual high temperatures on my notebook?


What can I do against unusual high temperatures on my notebook?



First check if your notebook is getting enough cooling air. Make sure that the ventilation slots are not blocked and that cool air can always circulate. Surfing, working or watching movies in bed is common place, but your notebook is not designed to work when the vents are blocked.

Dusty fans also degrade the cooling performance of your notebook. Fans dissipate the waste heat from the CPU, graphics card, RAM and mass storage. However, opening a notebook for cleaning is not that easy, and special tools are often required. Therefore, a specialist workshop is always the best choice.

If your notebook warms up despite these tips, close some programs that you are not currently using. Even on a high performance notebook temperature will increase with system usage. You can get an overview of the programs that are running in the Task manager. Just press the Windows key and x at the same time. You can then open the task manager from the menu, right click on the programs you are not currently using and click “End Task“


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