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How do I connect my MD 61613 fitness bracelet to my smartphone?


How do I connect my MD 61613 fitness bracelet to my smartphone?


First make sure that you have installed the MEDION Fitness App on your smartphone. Then activate both the Bluetooth and the GPS connection. Now briefly tap the touch field of your switched-on fitness bracelet until you see the display.


Now tap the Connect control panel in the app to start the device search. A selection list with various MEDION fitness bracelet models will be displayed. Select your model from this list. You will now see a synchronisation symbol in the app. Confirm this by tapping OK.


To enable distance measurement, you must allow the app to access your current location by tapping the ALLOW menu item.


Now the app starts searching for Bluetooth devices within range. In the following list, you can select your bracelet and confirm the connection by pressing and holding the touch field marked with a small circle on your wristband for about 2 seconds.


⚠️Note⚠️ If you do not confirm the connection on your fitness bracelet within 10 seconds, a new connection process must be started via the app.


As soon as the connection is successfully completed, your fitness bracelet reports this with a green tick in the display and your mobile device confirms this with THE DEVICE HAS BEEN CONNECTED AND CAN NOW BE USED.


Finally, tap the EXIT control panel to complete the device connection.

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