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Why does my cooling unit cause an unpleasant smell?


Are unpleasant odours escaping from the interior of the refrigerator?



There is a drain in the interior of your refrigerator / freezer, which is located in the lower part of the rear wall of the interior. This drain can become clogged with various materials that run off with the condensation on the rear wall, causing odours to develop.


drain channel.jpg

Use a cotton swab, for example, to prick the drain free, empty the water container located on the rear wall (lower area of the outer rear wall), and clean the interior of the appliance. A household vinegar cleaner, for example, is suitable for this purpose.


drip tray.jpg

To minimise the formation of water in the appliance in general, it is important not to leave the door open for a long time, for example, and not to place hot food in the interior.


You can find more tips in this video.

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