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The person I am talking to cannot hear me. What can I do?


The person I am talking to cannot hear me with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9.



There is a software error in the main microphone.



  • Reboot your smartphone
  • Go to Settings. (Swipe screen from top to bottom and then on the cogwheel icon).
  • Connection and sharing
  • Tap Wi-Fi Mode, Reset Mobile Networks and Bluetooth and Reset Settings.
  • Confirm with your password and then tap OK.
  • Go back to the main settings level and from there to Apps and Manage Apps.
  • Tap on the entry Phone Services and then on Force Quit (bottom left) and confirm this.
  • Now click on Delete all data.
  • Now open the Telephone Services again and check whether Microphone is set to Allowed. If this is not the case, activate this and then select the item Microphone from the list.
  • Please also check whether all permissions are allowed in the Phone Services Permission App.
  • Check your smartphone for the latest updates and carry them out if necessary.
  • Now restart the smartphone and test the connection again.


You can also watch the instructions as a video under this link.

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