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How can I perform a function test on my remote control?


How can I perform a function test on my infrared remote control?



You can use a digital camera, webcam, an Android based smartphone or tablet (no Apple products such as an iPhone because those products are ex works equipped with an internal infrared filter) to test whether the remote is transmitting a signal.

Turn on your camera and pretend that you want to turn the camera lens on or off with the remote control. Hold the tip of the remote control up to the lens of the camera, so that the remote control's transmitter diode is visible in the cameras display.
Press the power button on the remote control while looking at the display of the camera. If you can see the LED of the remote control lighting up in red, white or blue or/ flickers, then the test was successful and the remote control is working.
If you cannot see the diode light up / flicker on the camera display, the test was unsuccessful and the remote control is faulty.


For programmable remote controls (universal remote) the connection code or frequency may be incorrect and the device cannot respond to the remote control. In this case we recommend that you reprogram the remote control using the user manual and double check you are using the correct codes.

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