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Why does NFC not work?


NFC is activated but without function, what can I do?



The NFC radio standard is intended to simplify the connection of devices and for the payment of goods. If it does not work as expected, the following solutions can help:

  • As with almost all problems, the device should be restarted first. Disable NFC before and re-enable it after rebooting.
  • Metallic objects can interfere with signal transmission and should be removed if possible.
  • Protective covers or cases can also not be excluded as sources of interference, test the function without the case or cover.
  • Clear the memory of the NFC service. For example, on Android, you can find the settings by going to Settings -> Apps and using the Three Points menu to see system applications. Then tap NFC Service -> Storage -> Delete.
  • Make sure the device is not in flight mode.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the NFC app.
  • If all else fails, reset the device to factory settings to rule out any software issues.


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