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Got Problems with Windows Updates or Upgrades?


Noisy fan running at high speed, high CPU activity, System is freezing (short- or long term), Bluescreens, sudden reboots, system tends to hang on reboots, Windows 10 doesn`t boot at all.



Third Party Virus-Scanners and Security-Suits such as Mc Afee, Kaspersky, Avira, G-Data, Norton, Avast .... (i.e. all except MS-Defender) may cause the problems.

The Operating system is already working with new drivers, but hasn`t updated to version Windows 10 1809 which means it is probably still working with Version 1803 or even older.



Create a stable Windows Installation, Windows 10 Version 1809 (soon 1903) with up-to-date drivers and MS-Store Apps.


Best Practice:

1. Check Windows 10 Version: Press Windows-Button + R, type "winver" (shows Win 10 Version and Buildnumber).

2. Go to Windows > Settings > Apps > Programs & Features and completely remove all virus scanners and Security Suits (only exception: MS Defender).

3. Open the Windows Update Troubleshooter: then select "Download Update Troubleshooter for Windows 10", followed by "Windows Update".
(Background: Windows Update services will be stopped, previous updates/downloads will be deleted and the Registry entries will be checked / revised)

4. Reboot your System.

5. Go to Windows  > Settings > Updates and Security > manual searching & installing of new updates.

6. Reboot.

7. Use this link to download the "Media Creation Tool" plus a Windows 10 Disk Image (ISO Image). Then run the installation of Version Win 10 1809 by pressing "Update Now", which will initiate the update to Win 10 1809. This may require several restarts.

Check the successful implementation by repeating Step 5. If successfull, update the Apps via MS-Store.

Note: This procedure requires sufficient disk space, at least > 15 GB!


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