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Why is my internet radio silent?


Why is my internet radio silent?



The radio catalog provider "vTuner" discontinued the cooperation with our portal provider "Frontier Smart" at short notice and surprisingly.
This change affects not only MEDION internet radios, but almost all internet radios of other well-known manufacturers.

Due to the quick action on the part of "Frontier Smart", another channel provider could be found promptly. so that the receiving of Internet radio stations is still ensured.
We would of course like to have informed you in advance of this fact with sufficient lead time. Unfortunately, this information has reached us very late, so that a preliminary information was not possible.


Quotation of "Frontier Smart" from 07.05.2019:

On 1st May 2019 we experienced a major outage of the Internet Radio & Podcast service used by our customers’ Internet Radio devices. This was caused by issues with a third-party service provider that were outside our control. The service provider has also informed us that they are unable to ensure service provision beyond week commencing 6th May. Any such failure to provide the service would have caused the Internet Radio functionality on all our customers’ devices to stop working unless we had taken this remedial action.
As a result, we have made some changes to the way the service is delivered, and you may notice the following changes:

  1. We have deployed a replacement service, and configured all devices to use it. It may take several hours for your device to see the new service. Older devices may need to be powered off and back on again to force them to see the new service.
  2. We are using a new provider for the Internet Radio and Podcast directory. You may discover some new stations and podcasts that were not previously available, and you may find some stations and podcasts are missing. If you notice a station or podcast that you think is missing from the database then please raise a Support-Ticket and we will aim to get it added within 2 business days.
  3. You may see some slight changes to the menu structure on your devices due to the change of provider.
  4. The previous customer portal is no longer available, and so you can no longer use it to add your own stations. If you would like a station adding to the database then please raise a Support-Ticket and we will aim to get it added within 2 business days.
  5. It is no longer possible to recall Favourites. Depending on your device, we recommend using the Device Presets or Last Listened functionality to recall your favourite stations instead.
  6. Any Device Presets that you have previously saved will no longer work and so you will need to resave them.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused as a result of these changes, which we have made in order to provide continuity of service for customers and users. This is a large and complex migration and whilst we have tested and rehearsed this scenario in advance there may be an initial period of reduced service stability. We will be monitoring the service closely during this time and will communicate any issues via the status page at .
If you have any further comments or questions about the service then please browse the Knowledge Base, and submit a support ticket if you cannot find the information you are looking for.


Further information can be found here: (german) (german)


If the radio is silent due to the change, it may help to completely disconnect the device for a few minutes.
Then please switch to the main station list via the main menu or the menu button, select the desired station and save it again in the device favorites.
The receiving of Internet radio stations should then be possible again.


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