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Review: WIN10 (x64) on AKOYA E7222 (MD 99030)

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Review: WIN10 (x64) on AKOYA E7222 (MD 99030)

Hello Community,

I recently received a decommissioned Akoya E7222 (30014264) laptop + Win7 Key without a battery. First tests showed that the notebook works so far.
Fortunately, the corrected chipset stepping is already installed (Sandy Bridge Bug). So nothing stood in the way of reinstalling with Win10.

Upgraded to 8GB Ram and SSD beforehand.

Here (in the forum) I found a BIOS update to version 207 ->


A little tip for the BIOS update ... if the battery is defective or missing:

In the zip file there is a batch file (f.bat) which calls AFLASH3.EXE. Simply append "/ forceit" to its command line call.
This switch forces the update and is not documented (via /?).
So please make sure that you are connected to the power supply! Use at your own risk!!!

The WIN10 (Home) installation worked so far without errors. All devices (!) Were recognized.

There was a catch ...
Not all hotkeys work and according to the specification, the notebook should have BlueTooth (BT) (in the WLAN module).
However, the corresponding icon was not visible in the system tray. The device manager also didn't list anything BT-like.
A Google search also didn't reveal anything useful, as did a test with a Linuxmint live image. Usually such features are well supported by Linux.

In between I left the notebook to itself. After a short time it went into stand-by.
After I woke it up, the BT adapter was suddenly visible as well. Then I reproduced the behavior again by putting the notebook manually into standby and woke it up.

So there is something about the power management ...?!

I#ve installed the hotkey driver ( actually for Win 7/8 😮 ) ->

Then restarted it and voila ... BlueTooth is immediately available and the hotkeys are now fully functional.

Together with the SSD, the notebook is really fast. I hope this short report helps the one or the other.

Greets, Torte

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Re: Review: WIN10 (x64) on AKOYA E7222 (MD 99030)

Thanks for sharing it @torte20 and helping our community!


Well Done!

Kudoes for you