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Why is the playback of my MD 43988 stuttering in Bluetooth mode?


The playback of my Bluetooth Trolley Sound System MD 43988 is stuttering in Bluetooth mode, what can I do?



Maybe your device has been paired with two speakers during the quality control in the factory via Bluetooth, and this pairing hasn`t been canceled yet. In single mode, the speaker is now searching for the second speaker which does no longer exist, which leads to disturbances in the form of stuttering reproduction. The problem can be solved as follows:


  1. Turn the speaker on
    1 Einschalten.png
  2. Press the TWS button for about 6-7 seconds
    2 TWS-Taste.png
  3. Turn the speaker off again
    3 Final.png


When done, the TWS (True Stereo Sound) pairing is canceled and stuttering does no longer occur.



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