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Why is the inside of the wine cooler not cool enough?


Why is the inside of the wine cooler not cool enough?



Check the following points:

  • Perhaps the door no longer closes properly. You can check this by placing a switched-on torch in the interior, closing the door and looking in a darkened room to see if light is shining through at the edges. At the points where this is the case, check whether objects are preventing the door from closing. If necessary, remove these objects. If there were no objects in between and light still shines through individual spots, the rubber (seal) on the door may have warped. With e. g. an ordinary hair dryer (hair dryer), the rubber on the door can be carefully heated and thus brought back into shape.
  • The ambient temperature is also decisive for the cooling performance of the unit. For optimum cooling, the room temperature should be between 16°C and 32°C. Choose a location for your unit that avoids direct sunlight and allows enough air to circulate behind the unit
  • Since it is a wine refrigerator, it will not get as cold as normal refrigerators e. g. when set for red wine, the appliance cools down to 16°C-18°C.


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