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Why is the built-in hard drive making noises?


The built-in hard disk makes noise. How do I check for any errors?



Hard drives contain mechanical components, such as fast rotating metal plates and moving writing and reading heads which can cause noises such as buzzing, creaking, clicking and clunking during normal operation.
If there are any unusual noises in connection with hard disk, we recommend a check of the hard disk via the operating system system tools first. The following procedure is how to check your hard disk:

  • Simultaneously press the Windows key + r.
  • Type in the system window CMD.
  • Confirm with the enter key.
  • Type "wmic diskdrive get caption, status" in the command prompt that opens.
  • Confirm again with the enter key.

The output displayed subsequently lists the existing volumes and their respective statuses. If this is not OK, we recommend that you download a diagnostic software from the hard drive manufacturer's website (see below) and check the hard disk with it.


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