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Why does my camera not work correctly (smartphones / tablets)?


Why does the camera not work correctly (smartphones / tablets)?



If you have problems with the camera of your smartphone or tablet, then maybe the following tips will help you:

  1. Clean the camera lens.
  2. Restart the device. Hold down the power button and then tap Restart.
  3. Empty the cache of the app. Open the Settings > Apps > Camera app menu, open it and tap Clear cache.
  4. Update the Camera app in Google Playstore under my apps and games.
  5. Check if other apps are interfering with the camera. If you recently installed apps that have access to your camera, please disable or uninstall them.

Please note that there are different Android versions and therefore there may be deviations in the naming of the individual points.


Advice (only in supported countries):
With the error description you have provided our diagnostic app can determine if it is a fault.
Simply download the app to your device, start and if an error is detected you can directly trigger a repair order.


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