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What functions does robot vacuum cleaner the MEDION X40 SW have in offline mode?


Can the robot vacuum cleaner MEDION X40 SW (MD 20040) also be used offline (without App, Wi-Fi and internet)?



The robot vacuum cleaner can also be used offline to a limited extent. Pressing the Start / Pause button on the appliance starts and pauses the vacuuming cleaning process (also wiping with the wiper attachment attached).
When the Home button is pressed, the robot vacuum cleaner returns to the charging station.


The following is not possible in offline mode (without MEDION LIFE+ App):

  • Setting the suction strength
  • Setting the water delivery rate
  • Auto Boost
  • Pin n Go (spot cleaning)
  • Creation of a no-go zone
  • Creation of a non-swipe zone
  • Cleaning of individual rooms
  • Customised settings for individual rooms
  • Creation of multiple maps
  • Wear indicator for consumables
  • Cleaning by voice command
  • Firmware update
  • Cleaning according to schedule
  • Changing the language and volume
  • Setting the do not disturb mode
  • Functions such as "Remote control, find robot and cleaning history" are also not possible


⚠️Note⚠️ You can download the MEDION LIFE+ app here from the Apple Store and here from the Google Play Store.

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