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What can I do if the radio switches itself off?


What can I do if the radio switches itself off?



We offer a firmware update for the radio, which you can download from this link.


Proceed as follows to install it:


  • download the file from our server and unzip the ZIP file
  • copy the unzipped files into the root directory of an empty USB stick
  • set the system volume to medium (neither too loud nor too quiet), because the later process will generate a notification with a beep sound
  • connect the USB stick to the device while it is in standby mode
  • turn on the device and switch to USB mode
  • the display will show UPGRADE and a short beep will sound, indicating that the CD firmware update is starting
  • wait until the software update is finished (the power supply must not be interrupted, otherwise the device cannot be switched on anymore!)
  • after the software update is finished, which takes about one minute, you will hear a long beep sound
  • then press the power button to switch back to standby mode
  • then disconnect the power, remove the USB stick and wait until the device is completely discharged

To check if the firmware update was successful, proceed as follows:


  • switch the device to CD mode (there must be no CD in the device) NO DISC is shown on the display
  • press and hold the STOP button for 5 seconds
  • the firmware version will be displayed for 5 seconds, the last two digits of the version number should be 16

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