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How do I start Safe Mode under Windows 10?


How do I start Safe Mode under Windows 10?



The Save Mode is used for troubleshooting if, for example, Windows no longer starts, the installation of drivers has brought the operating system into an unusable state or newly installed software causes the operating system to freeze immediately after start-up. In safe mode, Windows starts in a minimal configuration so that drivers can be reset or software uninstalled.

Under Windows 10, there are several methods to start Safe Mode. However, the possibilities known from earlier versions of accessing it with F5 or F8 1 are no longer included.


Method 1:


Start the Safe Mode by activating the Safe Start function in MSCONFIG:

  • To do this, type msconfig into the Start menu search field until System configuration is displayed.
  • Open the System Configuration.
  • Select the tab page Start.
  • Activate the checkbox under Start Options Safe Mode.
  • Select the type of Safe Start by choosing one of the options under the Safe Start check box. Minimal: For normal safe mode should be the right choice in most cases. 

Click OK, and restart the computer.

⚠️Note⚠️ To be able to start normally again, the changed settings must be reset.


Method 2


Safe mode can also be activated via a Windows 10 boot medium. It may be necessary to change the boot sequence in the BIOS (UEFI) in order to be able to boot from DVD or stick.

  • Start the computer from your boot media.
  • After selecting the language, click on the item Computer repair.
  • Select Troubleshoot and click Advanced Options below it.
  • Under the Advanced Options select Startup Settings and then confirm Restart.
  • In the next window, start the Safe Mode with the number key.


Method 3


After three failed start-up attempts or switching off three times during the boot process, Windows 10 offers repair mode the next time it is started. In the new window, display the Advanced Repair Options and select the Troubleshooting item. Under the Advanced Options, Startup Settings can be selected and then confirmed with Startup. In the next dialogue, start the Safe Mode with the number key or the F4 key.


1The start of the safe mode via the F8 key is switched off by default, but can be reactivated by pressing BCDEDIT.

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