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How do I activate and use the Windows extended clipboard?


How do I activate and use the new Windows clipboard?



The revised Windows clipboard is available from Windows 10 version 1909*.


Before using the new clipboard, it must first be activated. This can be done in the settings under System / Clipboard. A faster way is to use the key combination Windows key + V. In the following dialog, simply click on Turn on.


Copying to the clipboard is still done with CTRL + C. To call the extended clipboard, the key combination Windows key + V is used. Windows then displays the contents of the clipboard in a list. The last copied entry is at the top. This is also selected when CTRL + V is pressed as usual.


To navigate the list, the usual arrow up, arrow down and Enter keys for confirmation are available.


*You can identify your installed Windows version by pressing the key combination Windows + R and entering winver in the Run dialog.

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