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How can I fix a malfunctioning Android app?


How can I fix a malfunctioning Android app?



It may happen that apps crash, cannot be opened, or otherwise do not work as expected.

Often the problem can be fixed by one of the procedures listed below. After each step, check to see if it fixed the problem.


Restart the device:

  • In case of problems of any kind it is always a good idea to restart the device first.


Empty app cache:

  • Empty the app cache. Open settings, Apps and search for the problematic app. First tap on the icon, then on Memory and now on Empty / Clear Cache.


Delete app data:

  • Open the App's memory setting again and tap Delete DataAttention: All data stored in the app will be deleted!


⚠️Note⚠️ The two options, empty app cache and delete app data, are not available with every app and the spelling may vary depending on the Android version.


Update App:

  • Search Google Play for an update to the app that may fix the issues.


Uninstall App:

  • If the error persists, uninstall the app (hold down its icon and drag it to the now visible Uninstall field). Attention: All saved data will also be deleted. If necessary, the app can be reinstalled from Google Play. If the uninstall field is not offered, it is a system app which can't be uninstalled.



The problems may not be caused by the app itself, but by an app that was installed later. You should also try uninstalling this app(s) to solve the problem.


If all steps remain unsuccessful, restore the factory settings. How to reset the Android device is described here. To rule out a hardware error, you can also test your device with our Service App.


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