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Basic information on the MEDION MD 11760 double zone air fryer.


What do the error codes for the MD 11760 air fryer P20 XXL Twin mean?



If you notice a problem, first try to resolve it using the following table:


Problem Possible cause Troubleshooting
The appliance is not working.

The mains plug is not plugged into a power socket. Only connect the appliance to a properly installed power socket.
Incomplete entry. Start the cooking process by pressing the button .
The food is not cooked. The filling level is too high. Only fill the fryer drawers up to 75% full.
The cooking temperature is too low. Select fryer drawer 1 or fryer drawer 2 and press the + button to increase the cooking temperature.
The cooking time is too short. Select fryer drawer 1 or fryer drawer 2 and press the + button to increase the cooking time.
The food is not evenly cooked. The pieces of food are too close together. Many foods need to be shaken / turned several times during the cooking time.
Fill the fryer drawers with small pieces of food. Smaller pieces cook more evenly.
The fried food is not crisp enough The food is unsuitable for cooking in the air fryer Use oven-ready or lightly oiled snacks for crispier results.
The appliance cannot be closed. The fryer drawer is too full. Only fill the fryer drawers up to 75%.
White smoke comes out of the appliance. The food is very fatty.  During preparation, fat from these extremley greasy food drips onto the base of ther fryer drawer. The fat causes a higher temperature than usual to a develop in the fryer pan. This does not impair the appliance or the cooking result.
The fryer drawer still contains oil / fat residue from the previous cooking process. Fat residue is burning. Clean the fryer drawers after every use.
Fresh chips are not evenly fried. The chips have not been sufficiently soaked. Place the chips in cold water for around 30 minutes to remove the starch. Dry the chips using kitchen paper before adding to the basket.
The variety potato is unsuitable.
Fresh chips do not go crisp. The potatoes are too moist. The crispiness dependent on the water and starch content of the variety of potato used and the quantity of oil.
Dry the potatoes carefully and cover them with about 1 tablespoon of cooking oil.
Cut the potatoes into smaller pieces.



You can also find further support here:

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⚠️Note⚠️ If the solutions given are not successful, please contact our support.

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