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Customer service -a bad experience

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Customer service -a bad experience

Hi everyone,
I've had 4 Medion devices in the past.
The first was a desktop PC. The CDROM failed and it was repaired at my home 2 days after reporting the issue.
The second was a laptop. It didn't have the spec I needed and I got a full refund when I sent it back.
I was so pleased with the customer service I bought a phone and a tablet last year.
When the tablet battery failed I was pleased to be able to send it, via a postal service organised by Medion, for repair under warrantee.
However, when the tablet arrived at Medion it had a smashed screen.
Medion won't take responsibility for the damage which was caused by the postal service they used, or their people.
They won't repair it unless I pay them £92.
Surely this is MEDIONshop responsibility to cover on either their insurance or by claiming against Parcel Force? But they are being very unhelpful.
The latest response is that they will repair the battery problem and return it with the broken screen.
Please help.
Master Moderator
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Re: Customer service -a bad experience

Dear @RickBrock


I am sorry to hear of the issues you have had with the service from medion, but please be advised that this forum is intended to be a

User-to-User communication platform & that his case has already been processed by the department in charge. If you wish to discuss this further then please call the Medion support line on 0333 321 3106.


Kind Regards