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Why is there a puddle under my refrigerator?


There is a puddle under my refrigerator, what could it be?



Since the coolant is gaseous at room temperature, it can only be water from the interior or the drip tray.

There is usually a drip tray at the back of the refrigerator. It is possible that this has overflowed. The drip tray should then be emptied (see picture).


Fridge drip trayFridge drip tray


It is also possible that the inlet to the tray (a small hole in the lower part of the rear wall) is blocked. In this case, the condensation water can no longer be drained off and thus accumulates in the interior and will eventually run out. To remedy this, the hole must be uncovered again (see pictures).


Drainage channel wine tempering cabinetDrainage channel wine tempering cabinet


Drainage channel refrigeratorDrainage channel refrigerator


Another cause can be a door seal that does not seal properly, is dirty or deformed. In this case, warm outside air constantly flows into the refrigerator and condenses there. This can be remedied by regular cleaning or, if the seal is deformed, by carefully heating it with a hair dryer.

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