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How to clean the drain filter of a washer dryer?


How to clean the drain filter of a washer dryer?



⚠️ Disconnect the washer dryer from the power supply!


On your washer-dryer, the flap that hides the filter can be opened by hand or with a tool. This flap is easily accessible and is located at the bottom of the front panel of your washer-dryer.


Before you remove the filter, any residual water that could not be pumped out must be drained from the machine. This applies both in case you want to do the cleaning as a precaution, but also especially if the filter is already clogged and the water could not be completely pumped out.


Once the water is drained from the machine, you can remove the filter. Under running water, carefully remove any dirt or debris that may be clogging the filter.



Before reinserting the filter, make sure that the housing is not dirty and that there are no small objects or debris caught in it that could immediately get back into the filter.


At the same time, check that the pump turbine, a kind of small propeller driven by the water, is not obstructed by jammed objects and can rotate freely.

Once the filter and its holder are free of any debris and the turbine can rotate freely, you can reinsert the filter.



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