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How do I get back missing settings options in Control Center?


How do I get back missing settings options in the Control Center of my ERAZER Beast X25 notebook?



With the following procedure you can restore the full functionality of the Control Center options of your ERAZER Beast X25 notebook


  1. First uninstall the Control Center Service (version installed on your notebook. It is important that the corresponding Control Center UWP (version 3.33.19), which is stored on your D:\Driver\UWP drive, can remain installed. After uninstalling the Control Center service, restart your notebook.
  2. Download the file from the MEDION service area and unpack the file in any folder on your hard disk / SSD. Then execute the Defaulttool234.exe. extracted from the ZIP file. Restart the notebook again.
  3. Now reinstall the Control Center service. The UniwillService_3.33.21.0_.exe file required for this can be found on your drive in the D:\Driver\11.ControlCenter folder. Alternatively, the file can be downloaded from the MEDION Service Portal. After having performed another restart, the full options will be available in the ERAZER Control Center again.

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