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FAQs about ERAZER Guardian X10 Notebooks

FAQs about ERAZER Guardian X10 Notebooks


  • Which processors (CPUs) can be used?

  • The CPUs are soldered (BGA socket) and can therefore not be exchanged

  • What is the maximum amount of working memory(RAM) that can be installed ?

  • There are 2 memory slots on the mainboard each with 32 GB RAM. The maximum capacity is therefore 64 GB.


    Module: 260-Pin SO-DIMM
    Type: SDRAM DDR4
    Speed: 2933 MHz
    Voltage: 1.2 V
    Feature: no ECC Support


    Please note that in the 32-bit editions of Windows operating systems a maximum of about 3.2 GB memory is detected.You can find more information about this on the Microsoft website.

  • Which M.2 cards can be used?

  • Slot Interface Dimensions Key(s) Hints
    1 PCIe x4, SATA 2280    
    2 PCIe x4 2280    
  • Can the graphics card be replaced with a more powerful one?

  • No, the graphics card is onboard (soldered).

  • Can a hard disk be upgraded?

  • If your notebook does not yet have a hard disk, a 2.5 inch SATA 6 Gb/s HDD can be retrofitted. Please note that the overall height must not exceed 9.5 mm.

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