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Medion X6807 Intel graphics upgrade

Hi my X6807 has two issues that I have noticed. 

1. It won't stream in full screen via HDMI - so if I connect it to my TV, I can watch on the TV via HDMI in windowed mode but  the picture just freezes in full screen

2. I am really struggling to get Citrix workspace to work so I can connect to my work desktop. I get to sign in and to the point where I launch the launch.ica file and it just stops there and doesn't trigger the citrix desktop view in my browser. 


One of the possible solutions that I identified was to upgrade the Intel graphics driver. I installed the Intel driver support assistant, and there IS an upgrade available for Intel® UHD Graphics 630.


However, when I go through the update process, I get an error and a message saying it can't be installed and I need to refer to my manufacturer for upgrades. 


My MSN number is 30026173


I have entered this into the software downloads/drivers area and it says there are no downloads. 


How do I update this please (and if anyone has any possible solutions for either problem other than doing so, please let me know)? My Nvidia drivers are up to date. 






Who Me Too'd this topic