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Medion 58" TV (X15536 / MD 31436) Internet Issue

Hi All,


Hopefully someone can help me solve this.


All of a sudden my TV has become stuck in a boot loop and keeps restarting whenever it is connected to the internet.


When connected by Wi-Fi the boot loop continues until the TV seems to disconnect itself from the Wi-Fi, when connected by Ethernet cable it continues until the cable has been removed from the TV.


I have gone through the First time installation again to see if this could fix the error but it still happens after connecting to the internet


There are no issues with the internet as it is working fine for phone, laptop, Xbox etc. I have even tried using a 4G hub from a different internet provider and the same issue occurs.


I’m wondering if maybe it needs a software upgrade but I cannot carry this out through the internet on the TV at the moment


MSN: 30028460

Software: V. MED

Application Version: V.




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Who Me Too'd this topic