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Keyboard problem S4403

I have a problem with my keyboard and hope someone can help.


Recently I had an update to my VPN fail. The installer automatically rolled back the installation, but this did not complete correctly and, after rebooting twice I noticed various problems with my notebook. I have succeeded in resetting the icon spacing on the task bar and the line spacing in File browser, but I have a problem with the keyboard occasionally repeating characters as I type. Usually it only repeats one character but occasionally it will repeat the last two characters so that for example "the" comes out as "ththe". I know my typing is not perfect but this is much more frequent that before and I never repeated two characters like this.


I have tried changing the repeat key delay setting in Windows but it does ntoto help. [I left ntoto in as an example that just happened, I mistyped not as nto (a common mistake for me😁) but it came out as ntoto].


Does anyone have any ideas?




S4403 - MD 61325, Windows 10 Home v20H2, build 19042.804, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

Who Me Too'd this topic