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  • Communication between people
    Keep your audience in mind (for example, are you addressing a group or a single person, how well do you know each other etc.) when choosing your words and the structure of your sentences. In particular, try to avoid (unintended) coarseness, ambiguities or even insults in your texts. Due to the lack of non-verbal communication, your text can easily be misinterpreted. Always remember there is a person the other side as well!


  • Legibility
    To keep your message easy to read, you need to take a few things into account. Consider the use of correct syntax and spelling, capitalization and punctuation.
    If you quote a message, do not change the wording, just leave out any unnecessary information, and only quote the part that is relevant.
    Avoid unnecessary (HTML) formatting and excessive use of colour.
    Continuous use of capital letters or bold writing comes across as loud and makes your text more difficult to read, try to avoid this.


  • Double entries, cross posting
    We continuously try to keep the forum clear and uncluttered for all users, but for this we also need your help as members.
    - Double entry: This is creating a new thread on a topic that is already being discussed on the forum.
    - Cross post: This is posting the same response in multiple threads.
    Both are detrimental to the clarity of the forum. If you create a topic, first use the search function to see if there is not already a topic with your question.
    Both double posts as cross posts will be removed by us immediately and without warning, though the poster will of course be made aware of this via private message.


  • Copyright
    Only use materials (images, texts etc.) without copyright, or for which you have permission to use them.


  • Keep it civil
    Contributions may not contain obscenities, hate speech or racist comments. Expressing ethnic, religious, sexist, nationalistic or political beliefs is not allowed.


  • No pornography
    Pornography in the form of words, phrases, images or links to external material will not be tolerated.


  • No personal attacks
    Having a disagreement on the basis of facts and conclusions is not a problem as long as it is being discussed in an objective and rational way.
    Personal threats against members of the forum, Medion staff, or the company as a whole will not be tolerated
    Remember that the purpose of the Community is to share collective experiences and knowledge, before making a post, consider if you are making a positive contribution. And treat other members with the same respect as you would like to receive yourself.


  • Deliberately disrupting discussions
    Inciting messages or threats are not acceptable and will be moderated. Decisions by a moderator or an admin are final and are not to be discussed extensively. Retaliation or conducting online campaigns is not allowed.
    It is allowed to discuss Medion policy, performance or procedures that do not meet your expectations, but the Community is not intended to be used for cancelling orders, returning systems, taking legal action, or in some other way disrupting the day-to-day business of Medion.


  • No commercial advertising
    The Community is not intended as an online shop or trading platform.


  • No exchange of information that support unethical or illegal activities.
    Contributions on the exchange of passwords, credit card or bank information, serial numbers, etc. are not allowed.


  • Members may have only one account
    You are only allowed to register a single user account.  Posting messages under multiple accounts is misleading and can easily be abused.