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Modern Standby


Modern Standby


Modern Standby, which is available from Windows 10, extends the Windows 8.1 Connected Standby energy-saving model. In Modern Standby, network connections remain, so e-mails or other messages can be received, similar to smartphones.

Support for Modern Standby must be present on both the hardware and software levels. If Windows finds these requirements, Modern Standby is used.


The device manufacturers can specify whether the older S3 Standby mode can be used alternatively. The corresponding setting is then found in the BIOS / UEFI setup.

Whether the Modern Standby is active can be checked in a console window with the command powercfg /a.


Modern Standby is not activeModern Standby is not active

In this example, Modern Standby (S0) is not available.


  1. Microsoft: What is Modern Standby
  2. Microsoft: Modern Standby vs S3


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