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How can you fix an unexpected error during installation update download?


When an unexpected problem is found as your device is trying to download the new feature update using Windows Update, you're likely to see the error 0x80190001. How can you fix this problem?


If you see this error message, you can try using the Disk Cleanup tool to delete the temporary installation files and try again, but using the Media Creation Tool is the best option to update to the Fall Creators Update.

You can use these steps to clear temporary files or to free up space on your device with the Disk Cleanup tool:
- Open Start.
- Search for cleanmgr and click the result to open Disk Cleanup.
- If you have multiple drives, select the C: drive.
- Click OK.
- Click the Clean up system file button.



- If you have multiple drives, Click OK, making sure the C: drive is selected.
- Depending on the scenario, select the files you want to delete, including:
    - Recycle Bin.
    - Temporary Internet Files.
    - Temporary Files.
    - System error memory dump files.
    - Previous Windows Installation.
    - Temporary Windows installation files.
    - Windows Setup temporary files.

- Click OK.



- Click the Delete Files button to complete the task.

Once you've completed the steps, proceed to install the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update one more time.

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