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FAQs about the MEDION DJ Controller LIFE X67000 MD 45000

FAQs about the MEDION DJ Controller LIFE X67000 MD 45000

MSN 50069418

  • How do I scratch?

  • To scratch, a song must be loaded on the deck and the WHEEL button must be activated (button is lit). Turn the JOGWHEEL back and forth to scratch.
  • How is the DJ Controller powered?

  • The DJ Controller can be powered by the USB cable from a computer or by a mobile device via USB cable and its USB adapter.
  • Why is the volume of my microphone low or distorted?

  • Check that the MIC-LEVEL-CONTROL on the back of the DJ Controller is set correctly. Start adjusting the knob in a central position.
  • Why is the DJ Controller not recognised via USB?

  • Check that the switch on the back is set to USB and the blue light is off.
  • How do I delete a HOT CUE?

  • Press the SHIFT key and the corresponding HOT CUE key at the same time.
  • How do I stop the demo mode of the DJ Controller?

  • Press both WHEEL buttons simultaneously for at least six seconds. The demo show stops automatically.
  • How do I start the demo mode of the DJ Controller?

  • The demo mode shows a light show of the lighting on the DJ Controller. To do this, press both WHEEL buttons for at least six seconds, whereupon the light show starts automatically.
  • How can I make two songs play automatically at the same tempo?

  • Play both songs and press the SYNC button on one of the decks. The deck on which SYNC is selected becomes the master song and sets the tempo.
  • Does the microphone input also support phantom power?

  • The microphone input only supports dynamic microphones with a 6.3 mm jack connection.
  • Why do I not hear any sound when I play a sample?

  • Check whether you have set the "Sampler Gain" correctly with the key combination SHIFT + CUE GAIN. The further the slider is turned to the right, the louder the setting.
  • Can I also play sound with the Bluetooth option?

  • The Bluetooth option on your DJ Controller is not suitable for sound. Bluetooth is only for controlling your DJ app.
  • How can I connect a mobile device without a jack (headphones) to the DJ Controller?

  • If your device does not have a jack connection, you will need a special adapter for this connection. The 4RCA cable has a 3.5 mm jack, which is connected to the adapter. The plug of the adapter is then plugged into the mobile device.
  • Do I need an additional sound card for DJing?

  • No additional sound card is required, because the DJ Controller has an integrated high-quality sound card.
  • Can I synchronise the fader settings on the DJ Controller with the DJ app at the same time?

  • When you start the DJ app and then connect the DJ Controller, the current fader settings are immediately synchronised with your DJ app.

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