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P7651 as a DAW, for any who are interested

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P7651 as a DAW, for any who are interested

I have a Desktop Rig I use for my DAW.  Core i7, 32GB RAM, SSD System Drive and several 1 and 2 TB HDD.  UR22 Audio Interface.  NVidia GTX 980.  But I wanted to use the Laptop as a convenient alternative for composition and experimentation. So I decided to try it out on the P7651.


With the exception of 512GB M.2 SSD and 16GB RAM, it is out of the box (128GB M.2 and 8GB RAM).


Installed Cubase 10 Pro, HALion 6, AND UVI Workstation.


Using the onboard Audio (Realtek) and ASIO4ALL.


Using an external USB 3 Sata Caddy with 512GB SSD for the Audio Libraries. To be increased to 1TB.


The usual issues with laptops is fewer USB Ports.  Mouse, Stenberg Dongle, UVI Dongle, USB Drive, and UR22 (Stenberg Audio Interface for more MIDI and other I/O) makes 5, and the Laptop only has 4 (2 USB 2, 1 USB 3) and USB C.  So the Dongles sit on a USB Hub and all's well.


Loaded a Project that is quite demanding in places, and it performs well.  Very well.  Audio Peformance Average Load around 30% and Peak Performance around 5%.


So 10 out of 10 Medion.  I know you didn't market this as a decent DAW, but just to let you know it does the business!