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CPU Upgrade Question

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CPU Upgrade Question


I'm new here. 

I have a question regarding a posible CPU upgrade. 


A couple of years ago I bought MEDION ERAZER X7835 (MD 99286) 
So far I've been very happy with my purchase. The laptop is performing well. The only problem I had was with the HDD dying a couple of months ago but I managed to replace it and it's all been working fine and well since then. 


It has a Intel Core i7-4710MQ 2,5 GHz. 


Recently, I've been thinking about upgrading it to a better processor. So, I wanted to ask you guys here about whether it was possible to upgrade the CPU. 

I've been browsing the German forum (my German is not that great) and another user who also bought a MEDION ERAZER, although a different model than mine (X7833 (MD 99991)), with a same processor was also asking this question. The moderator told him that it wasn't possible becasue he said that the CPU was soldered. 


However, a user underneath said that it was actually possible. 
Here is what he said: 


Hallo bei den Modell X7833 kannst ein upgrade machen,

Verbaut ist eine intel i7 4710mq

Zb. ein wechsel auf Intel Core i7-4930MX ist möglich, die ist aber teurer.

Die Intel Core i7-4930MX ist fast so schnell wie die neue Generation Kaby Lake i7-7820HK.

MQ oder MX sind wechselbar, HQ am ende nicht mehr. Die sind fest verlötet.


English version (using my crappy German): 


Hello the model X7833 can be upgraded,

An intel i7 4710mq is installed. 

Eg. a change to Intel Core i7-4930MX is possible, but it is more expensive.

The Intel Core i7-4930MX is almost as fast as the new generation Kaby Lake i7-7820HK.

MQ or MX are interchangeable, HQ at the end is not. Those are soldered.


Here is the topic:



So, can anyone tell me what the truth is haha, please? 

Also, if the upgrade is possible, what CPU do you guys recommend to replace the i7-4710MQ with? Is the model the other user recommended (i7-4930MX) a good idea? I read that it's an older model, despite it being faster. 


Also, as long as I'm here, is a GPU upgrade possible? I have a GTX 980m installed. 



I apologize for a long questions and really sorry if this has been answered already. Any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. 




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Re: CPU Upgrade Question



Most notebooks I've seen have soldered CPU's, and usually the GPU is also part of the motherboard, without an option to upgrade it. I'm not sure if this is also the case for your notebook, but I'd be inclined to go by the response from the Medion Employee. 



Kind regards,