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Medion life x15050 md 32050 sound issue

Good day, 


I just recently purchased a Medion life x15050 md 32050, 50 inch TV.

After setting it up and using the built in apps like Netflix and YouTube it seems to have no sound. Even when I use the Internet browser there is no sound. What's strange is that the only way for it to have sound is when I scroll within the video or rewind it in order for the video to restart in order for the sound to play, but as soon as I pause the video the sound comes off again and then I would have to repeat the process in order for the sound to return. I have checked for an update but its already up to date and I have went through the sound settings, I even unplugged and reset the settings but with no luck. This seems to be a bug within the TV itself and since I bought it through aldi I'm basically on my own. Any suggestions or solution or a patch update to fix the issue?

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Who Me Too'd this topic