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Medion ERAZER P6679: How to update BIOS correctly?

Hi folks. I recently bought a Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD for my laptop as I wanted to speed up the boot time of my OS and opening time of programmes. After installing it my laptop would not power on at all, the power button will light up but would cut out almost instantly and nothing would turn on. At the same time I had also installed a new HDD, so I checked to see what the problem was by removing the SSD and after doing so my laptop would turn on again without problems.


After doing some research I came across info that even if the motherboard supports certain hardware the BIOS may still need to be updated in order for that hardware to work properly. So I'm hoping that updating to a newer version of the BIOS will solve my issue with the SSD causing my laptop to stop turning on when installed.


I've downloaded the latest version of the BIOS that was available through the driver section @ (update version 2.11) appropriate for my specific laptop. My main issues are that I'm unable to find any tutorial as to how to apply the update correctly to my specific laptop and I don't want to follow tutorials for similar models in case something goes wrong due to any differences and my system gets bricked; and to further complicate things I run Manjaro Linux instead of Windows, and I also can't find a tutorial on how to apply this update through Linux either.


So is there anyone who's updated the BIOS successfully on their ERAZER P6679 and who knows how to apply the update correctly while running Linux as their OS? Or if there's no one with such experience then is there a tutorial to follow using Windows instead?


I appreciate the help and I look forward to solving this issue.

Who Me Too'd this topic