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Drivers for notebooks with Linux




Dear MEDION Service Community,

Medion Poland (Medion Polska) informed that to some notebooks,               for example:


  1. MEDION Akoya 96350. Model: WIM 2140, Product Version: 20, Firmware Version: V1.0K 


  1. MEDION MD 96640, Model: WIM 2180 (MSN: 30008014). 


there are no drivers for operating system Linux.



Holders of these notebooks, who are using Linux they can not start some internal devices, for example, internal microphone.


We were advised to pass this issue to MEDION Service Community by Medion Poland.


At the same time, somebody suggested to ask the programmers of the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) project about the creation of audio device drivers to these notebooks with Linux.


In this connection, I have a question for you:

1) Will MEDION be able to start actions in the direction of the creation drivers to these notebooks with Linux?


And if this is not possible, next question:

2) Will MEDION be able to share the necessary information to write these drivers for ASLA?


I and community from look forward to hearing from you.


Mikołaj Łopatko


Who Me Too'd this topic