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75.110 Aufrufe
75.110 Aufrufe

Medion Erazer Beast X25 Benchmark-Performance und erster Eindruck.





I'm sorry if my German is still not good because Google Translate helped me translate it.
Build quality of the laptop is top, but the TGP boost only to a maximum of 125 watts and 15 watt GPU boost. I thought it would be around 165 watts as I read on some website articles and youtube videos. I was really disappointed because this is one of my biggest purchases so far and I have great expectations for it. For example Legion 7 per 2021 gpu scored almost 13000 in time spy compared to 10600 in my beast x25, that's almost 2500 points difference. There are also higher TGP laptops in the same price range.

Is there a way to unlock the TGP?


Wer hatte die gleiche Frage?