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Updates to the MEDION Community

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Updates to the MEDION Community

Hi MEDION Community,

I am happy to announce that we published an update to the MEDION Community today (October 30, 2019).
With this update we see some really large improvements. The most important changes affect the message editor:

Streamlined editing pane

  • To improve the overall usability of the message editor, we have replaced the multiple tabs (Rich Text, HTML, and Preview) with a single, editing pane.
  • To view and edit the HTML source for the page (which is sometimes needed to clean up HTML formatting when copy/pasting content from other sources), you can click the Source Code icon in the toolbar: A window opens where you can view/edit the HTML source code directly.
  • To see a preview of how your article will look when published, click the Preview button below the article.
    To return to editing mode, click Exit Preview.


Toolbar button optimization and consistency

The new Editor provides these toolbars:

  • Full toolbar (for TKB)
    TKB content require the most robust editing controls. As such, the editing toolbar includes the most options.
  • Simple toolbar (for all other content types)
    All other content types (Questions, comments, replies) don’t usually require advanced editing options. As such, a simpler toolbar is used
  • Responsive mobile

Note: Clicking the ellipsis (...) button opens the Full toolbar, described above.


Improved Emoji support

Emojis are a very powerful medium of expressing one’s thoughts and emotions.
The new Editor brings you the Unicode standard set of 2500+ emojis divided in various categories.

Keyboard support for emoji picker

We’ve added keyboard support for the emoji picker in case you prefer to use your keyboard instead of a mouse when using the emoji picker. Specifically, you can now:

  • Click the Tab key to navigate across the categories and search bar. Clicking the Enter key after tabbing selects the highlighted category and displays emojis of in the category.
  • Use the keyboard arrow keys to move up, down, right and left through the emoji picker. Clicking the Enter key while navigating with the arrows, selects the highlighted emoji.
  • Scroll down the rows of emojis displayed in the picker, if there are additional rows below the last displayed row in the emoji picker.


In-line image editing

If you click on an image while editing a post, the image is highlighted and provides these editing options:

  • Alignment (left, center, right)
  • Sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Edit (opens modal window where you can add caption, resize and reposition)


In-line link editing

If you click on a link or use the arrow keys to move the cursor over a link in your post, the inline link pop-up menu displays and you can click:

  • Edit Link: Opens the link editing window where you can change the existing link.
  • Unlink: Removes the link associated with this text.
  • Bare URL: Displays the actual URL of the link instead of the website title. (If the Bare URL is active, this button is disabled and greyed out.)
  • Auto Title: Displays the title of the linked webpage for the link text. (If the Auto Title is active, this button is disabled and greyed out.)
  • Open Link: Opens the linked URL in a new browser tab.


Better visual display for code samples

The updated editor provides color coding for code samples in your posts to improve overall readability.
To enter code samples when composing a message:

  • Click the Insert Code icon.
  • Choose the coding language from the list.
  • Start typing (or copy/paste) your code sample.



I hope you are enjoying these changes





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