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iSCSI (internet Small Computer System Interface)

iSCSI (internet Small Computer System Interface)


iSCSI (internet Small Computer System Interface) is a procedure that enables the use of the SCSI protocol via TCP. As with ordinary SCSI, there is a controller (initiator) that controls the communication.


iSCSI specifies the transmission and operation of direct storage protocols natively via TCP. With this method, SCSI data is packed into TCP/IP packets and transported via IP networks (ports 860, 3260). With Multipath iSCSI routing, the SCSI commands are first routed to a SCSI router.


Based on existing mapping tables and parameters such as network load and costs, this determines the preferred address of the corresponding target system and selects it for communication with the SCSI data source.


After this selection, the packets are wrapped in TCP/IP and forwarded to the network adapter, which then sends the packets over the network.


iSCSI is used to provide access to the storage network via a virtual point-to-point connection without the need to set up dedicated storage devices.


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